Instructions on how to Register and Submit a new directory listing:

  1. From the Top Menu click Register.
  2. Complete Registration Form
  3. Click Register
  4. Click Login. Enter your Username and Password.

Submit a New Directory Listing:

  1. Log into your account by clicking the Submit A Listing at the Top Menu.
  2. Select your Business Genre (click drop-down Arrow [  ] at end of line to view all Business Genre Categories)
  3. Next Select FREE  by clicking small ” ” circle to the left of the word FREE.  Complete the Listing Data Form (Form appears as a drop  after you select FREE)
  4. At Listing Images click Select Images From Your Hard Drive. Select and Upload your image(s). Wait for Image to appear (may take a minute or two depending on size and speed)
  5. Use Clear Form Button to start over if necessary (mistakes, etc.)
  6. Use Complete Listing Button to finish – Submission Is Now Complete
  7. Click View Business Listings / Search Listings at top Menu to view your listing.

How to Edit Directory Listing:

  1. Click Login to Login
  2. Use Search to Find your Listing
  3. At bottom of page find View Edit Delete buttons. Select Edit
  4. Make changes to your Listing
  5. Check I’m Not A Robot box and complete challenge. Click Continue
  6. Change Image (if necessary) or click Continue
  7. Click Go To Your Listing to view your change(s)
  8. Finally, Logout

Logout & Edit Profile

Located in upper right hand corner of webpage. Place mouse cursor on  your Username or Icon. Select Edit My Profile or Logout.

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