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San Diego IRS Tax attorney Delia Law (619) 639-3336 is a highly accomplished tax law firm in San Diego and Los Angeles with an outstanding ability to be concise, complete, logical, objective and persuasive in both written and oral communications in resolving IRS tax problems.
Delia Law’s tax attorneys are known for the ability to work successfully under pressure and in meeting rigid deadlines for resolving tax issues quickly for clients experiencing wage garnishments, bank levies, payroll tax debt, tax audits and other IRS problems. Delia Law has particular expertise in IRS offer in compromise, IRS settlements, IRS payment plans, tax opinion letters and tax strategy. Delia Law also handles corporate counsel responsibilities for various businesses.
Delia Law has the best San Diego Tax Attorney assisting with IRS tax relief, IRS debt help, IRS income tax help, payroll tax debt relief, IRS tax problems, offer in compromise, IRS payment plan, IRS currently not collectible, IRS interest and penalty removal, innocent spouse relief, wage garnishment, and bank levy. Please contact Delia Law at (619) 639.3336 for IRS debt help and other corporate counsel issues.
(619) 639-3336