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Amass Marketing
1415 North Loop West, Suite 300-01, Houston, TX

Marketing Agency, Advertising Agency, Marketing Consulting, Business Consulting

We help businesses create long term sustainable growth through data-based people-driven marketing
Big Drop Inc Web Design and Web Development
New York, NY

More and more users are looking for virtual shopping experiences on the go. Apps are the best way to ensure a positive user experience for your customers — plus, you open up tons of opportunities for cross-promotion. Whether you have a full blueprint developed for your new app or are looking for strategic recommendations, we’re your main touchpoint at every milestone in development.

Don’t worry, in addition to coding every line and designing a kickass user experience, we’ll also help you develop marketing collateral to make your launch a success. From start to finish, your app is in good hands.

Our e-commerce experts are able to connect your site to major e-commerce platforms, like WooCommerce and Shopify. Not only does this give you the best opportunities for software linking, but it empowers you with the capacity to modify, update and edit your site on your own schedule. Because inventory moves fast, and your website should too.

We create cutting-edge ecommerce platforms, applications, and everything in between — that are always mobile- and tablet-responsive. We’ll guide you through every step of the process, from strategy to coding to marketing and launch. Our development team is able to adapt to any platform, any inventory, and any e-commerce product. Whether you’re looking for creative direction or expert-level execution, we’ve got you covered.
(212) 858-9580
Lasso Ad Agency
613 4th Street
Hyde Park, PA

Lasso specializes in helping business owners get a stabilized and reliable monthly lead flow. With the

Lasso specializes in helping business owners get a stabilized and reliable monthly lead flow. With the use of our internet marketing services, we are able to market your product or service to the most likely people to purchase from you. We accomplish this through Google and Bing search engines. When customers type keywords that are related to your business, we will make sure that your digital ads appear to them. Our company generates leads for a variety of businesses including plastic surgery clinics, dental offices, construction companies, pest control, law offices, and many other privately owned businesses. Want to learn more? Call us today.