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40 Nine
5020 Schuster St
Under the banner of Universal Watch Company, the popular watch choice of people in Vegas, comes 40 Nine.

Under the banner of Universal Watch Company, the popular watch choice of people in Vegas, comes 40 Nine. and several affordable gifts under $100. If you want to find the perfect gift that fits with the budget, check out 40 Nine’s online shop for eye-popping watches that cost no more than $100! Not only is 40 Nine famous for excellent watches, they’re also well-loved for their reliable shipping and cutomer service.
Chrono Store Watch Buyers
New York, NY

Chronostore is an online retailer of luxury watches and jewelry in Manhattan. With decades of experience in selling watches, customizing and an outstanding full-service repair department, we’ve attracted thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. New York’s undying love for art and style can be found in a visit to our store on Fifth Avenue where you can see luxury names such as Rolex, Breitling, Raymond Weil, Panerai, Cartier and more.

The focus of our knowledgeable staff is building long-term relationships with our customers. All of our timepieces are 100% authentic and be customized or serviced on site as well. Although we aren’t an authorized dealer, we offer a 1-year warranty for all our pre-owned watches and a 3-year warranty for all our new watches, which come with a certificate of authenticity as well as a warranty card.

If you’re not in Manhattan, we ship worldwide and provide a 30-day Full Money-back Guarantee allowing you to shop with confidence and comfort using our easy and secure checkout. If you have any questions, every call is answered by a member of our professional customer service staff and never an automated receptionist.

Watch Strap & Band Replacement
101 Little Plains Road

Huntington, NY


If you have a watch that isn’t working properly, you will want to come
to the best watch repair shop in NYC. That is, of course, Watch Strap
& Band Replacement. We have been helping people with all their watch
repair needs for years, and would love to put our experience to work
for you. From simple watch battery replacements to full watch
restorations, we can handle any type of job on any type of watch.
Our expert watch technician, Mark Livak, will be happy to take a look
at your watch and provide you with a free estimate on how much it will
be to fix, and how long it is likely to take. If you’ve already gotten
an estimate from another watch shop, we highly recommend you see what
our offer is before you make any decision. Many people are shocked to
see just how low our prices are when it comes to  watch repairs.
Watches have been my life for all my life. Apprenticed from age 16
until now 35 years later watches have been my pursuit and passion.
Become one of the many who have come to me for help and return again
for your friends and family heirloom pieces too.  “You have to love
what you wear.”  Mark Livak.