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Angel Watch Academy
Address: 5503 West Harrow Drive Houston, TX.
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Short Business Description: Angel Watch dedicates its efforts and resources toward ensuring unparalleled care- giving services coupled with a high-quality activity based learning environment tailored for children. Angel Watch was founded by Shauntrell Thomas, a wife and a mother of two. Shauntrell, a former preschool teacher has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with an emphasis on child development and a Masters Degree in Business Administration.
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Angel Watch Academy hire well educated and experienced staff. We maintains yearly state required child care development courses, as well as CPR and First Aid training. Most importantly our staff posses a heart’s desire to nurture children. Every staff member is dedicated to creating a positive learning foundation for our young learners. For more details feel free to contact us at, 713-423-4137 Or Visit our website:

Your child future is the first priority for every parents. Angel Watch Academy is here to secure your child’s future. We have our best educated staff with a friendly environment.

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Business Phone Number: 713.423.4137
Quran For Kids
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Short Business Description: Quran for kids is a professional school for teaching Quran and Arabic through online classes. The classes include Learn Quran Online and Online Quran Classes and other courses like Quran for beginners and Quran for kids.
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The beginning is always the first basic step in everything and we will start our course from zero. In our course, we sought to guide our students on the right path to read the Holy Quran. Before holding the Holy Book in our hands, we need to know his language which is Arabic.
In the beginning, we will recognize the Arabic alphabets in letters and sounds and how to be produced. They would able to read single words and some phrases to read the Quran easily.
Then, you will be able to read a long sentence by applying reading from the Quran. If any student isn’t able to read the Quranic verses without Tajweed, we will be sorry; he won’t pass the level. Reading correct Arabic words means reading correct Quran verses.
Most of our students, after course, became a native Arabic speaker especially when they recite the Quran as Arabs.
After we finish the alphabets, we will turn to” Musahaf” for reading the Holy Quran with Tajweed.
Our class will be in a group with different people from different places and languages because we will present some difference in pronouncing some Arabic letters to find the correct pronunciation. Don’t forget it is just the begging of our course. Our course could be face to face or phone or Skype.

Business Website Address: Learn Quran Online
Business Phone Number: 8135795713
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