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Filter King
2547 Old Lake Mary Road

Filter King is a true microscopic cooking oil filtration machine that will extend the life of your cooking oil by 50% or more while giving you consistently great fried food 7 days a week for your restaurant. This easy-to-use and easy-to-store mobile system removes crumbs as well as the microscopic sediment from the oil that, if ignored, will degrade the oil irreversibly.

Filter King is heavy duty all stainless steel built for commercial applications with American parts and labor, 1/3 HP motor and 5 Gal per minute reversible pump. The cooking oil passes through 2 unique patent pending filter systems which force and seal every drop through a microscopic filter process before returning to the fryer. We call this process the, “Double forced & sealed filtration process” which is the science behind our technology making it vastly different than many other machines in today’s market.

Benefits of Oil Filter Machine –

– CUT COOKING OIL COST BY 50% or MORE. By polishing and filtering the oil to a microscopic level!

– SAVE LABOR IN FILTERING YOUR OIL. You will be able to filter in 4 minutes per fryer & save hours in labor.

– SAFELY TRANSPORTS your used hot cooking oil to the grease dumpster!
833 202-8508
Global Plastech
Room 11-12, Building No. 45, No.163 Ruiqing Road, Ningbo, China

As one of the top Myne Tech Linear Scales Exporters, we provide the best Oil Bottle Cap Mold, Pallet Stacker Lifts & Manual forklifts and Nylon Injection Machine in China.

Do you need to purchase Pet Preform Injection Molding Machine? If so, then contact us. We are your reliable Pet Preform Mould Manufacturer in China.

Hoyt Corporation
520 South Dean St.,

Hoyt Corporation, established in 1922, by Walter Hoyt is a prime manufacturer of Quality electrical contacts and contact assemblies. We manufacture for both the Original Equipment Manufacturers(OEM) market as well as the replacement aftermarket supplying transit agencies, diesel locomotive, mining and power distribution companies around the world. We offer a wide range of standard as well as custom designed electrical contacts and assemblies. Each of our contacts and contact assemblies is designed to ensure superior quality, rugged construction, and reliable performance. We also provide Copper Extrusions with custom shapes and sizes. Please visit us at or call us at 800.255.4698 to request a quote.
Huizhou JB Battery Technology Limited
Zone 6, Songshan Industrial Park, Zhongkai Development Zone
Huizhou City, Guangdong 516000

Since 2008, Huizhou JB Battery Technology Limited has been designing and assembling custom battery solutions. We provide battery pack assemblies in all chemistries and for all electronic applications, all built to match our customers’ unique requirements. From medical devices and military equipment to emergency lighting systems and many industrial applications, we can design and manufacture the perfect portable power solution for your needs.
Kaishan USA
7650-A Stanton Road, Daphne AL
Kaishan USA are a top rotary compressor manufacturer with manufacturing plants around the world.

Kaishan USA is an industrial air compressor manufacturer who produces compressed air equipment for a variety of industries. We manufacture rotary screw air compressors, vacuum pumps, portable air compressors, ORC power expanders, steam screw expanders and air treatment equipment to take care of all of your compressed air needs.

Kaishan USA