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Cremation Services by Harmony Funeral Home
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Brooklyn, NY


Harmony Funeral Home in Brooklyn is committed to becoming an indispensable part of the community, and part of that means offering the most cost effective after death services. If you are the one dealing with the arrangements for a recently deceased loved one, or you are looking at pre-planning your own arrangements, you may or may not have heard the term direct cremation before. We will first explain what it is, and then talk about the benefits of direct cremation services.

A direct cremation is a dignified, compassionate, and inexpensive way to say goodbye to your loved one. It is the perfect alternative when you have overwhelming financial pressures that the death of a loved one can bring.

WHAT IS DIRECT CREMATION? The body of the deceased is cremated within a few days of death. The body is normally held at the funeral home and then transported to the crematory. No embalming or other funeral services are undertaken. The body is cremated in a simple container so no expensive casket is required. No memorial or graveside services. A memorial can be held with the remains of the loved one.  Organ donation is still possible with this choice prior to cremation.

When you choose a direct cremation as part of your pre-planning you are accomplishing several things. You are taking the emotional and financial burden off of your surviving family.
They won’t have to make the difficult decisions about how much to spend on funeral services. They won’t face the choice of what type of funeral services to use, cremation or burial. You know that your wishes will be respected.

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Funeral Home Brooklyn
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Brooklyn, NY

We are your local Brooklyn funeral home.

We are your local Brooklyn funeral home. We provide respectful, professional, and affordable funeral services. We offer a litany of specific services to suit your memorial preferences; and we aim to make your experience easy, straight-forward, and stress-free. We know the difficult world of bereavement, and we aim to aid you in any way we can. Harmony is here to help. Established in 1987, multi – generations of services to the community with the most sincere care, attention and sensitivity. We take pride in our Integrity, Service, and Excellence.We invite you to view the photos of your funeral home. We offer services that allow your to say goodbye to the recently deceased in the way that most appropriately fits your family and your culture, be it religious or secular. We offer funeral services, cremation services, graveside services and shipping services for those who wish to return to their homeland for their eternal repose.From the moment you walk in the front doors, you’ll feel a world away from the hustle and bustle of the street. That is how it should be. You should feel you are in a sacred space, where sacred things are happening. Saying goodbye to a loved one is something that connects all humans, through time and space.It can be argued that it is one of the most telling markers of a civilization, and how it is done tells about who we are as a people; what do we believe about life, and the afterlife. These are weighty matters and so the space in which they are conducted should suit it. We should feel untroubled by life outside and feel comfortable taking time for contemplation and meditation on the meaning of things, the meaning of life.Our Funeral director can guide you through the process, from picking out the coffin to choosing the type of funeral or memorial service you feel will best celebrate the life of your loved one. We can also arrange for your loved one to return to their Caribbean homeland for their eternal repose, if that is what you wish for them.

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Funeral Pre Planning by Harmony
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Brooklyn, NY


Harmony Funeral Home offers a pre-planning service that can be the answer to many questions surrounding funeral services. Our own mortality is never an easy subject to talk about, let alone accept as reality, but it is a fact that we all have to face. If you have children, a husband, or a wife, it is very important that you take the responsibility to put things in order in case of a premature death, or a death at a ripe old age from natural causes.

There will always be arrangements that need to be made, people to alert, and legal matters to deal with. Pre-planning your funeral and prepaying for it have many benefits for both you and your survivors.

No one wants to think about financial matters when we are mourning a loved one, but there are several issues around funerals and burials that translate into benefits for preplanning. When you preplan and prepay for a funeral, you lock in current prices, therefore you avoid rising costs in the future.

All wills in New York state go through probate court, and that means your money or your estate that could be used to pay for your funeral will be in limbo for weeks or possibly even months. If you don’t have a will, estate distribution could take even longer. When you prepay for your funeral, your family will not have to struggle to come up with the money to pay for services, instead they can focus on prayer and mourning.

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Harmony Burial Service
2200 Clarendon Road, suite 303

Brooklyn, NY
CASKET RENTALS. Harmony Funeral Home offers casket rental as a convenient funeral option.

CASKET RENTALS. Harmony Funeral Home offers casket rental as a convenient funeral option. Rented caskets are ideal for funeral services performed prior to a cremation. The deceased may be dressed and viewed in a rental casket during a funeral service.

CREMATION SERVICE. Cremation is a convenient and economical funeral option. Cremated remains may be buried or taken by family members – depending on the wishes of the bereaved. With Harmony Funeral Home, cremation may be followed by a memorial service. Post-cremation memorial services are optional, as some families simply seek to perform a memorial service elsewhere.

SHIPPING SERVICES. Harmony Family Funeral Home is honored to serve families who need transportation services for the recently deceased. Our vehicles are suited for transporting the deceased, and we hold all necessary licensing.

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Harmony Funeral Home
2200 Clarendon Rd

Brooklyn, NY

Funeral Home

HARMONY FUNERAL HOME OF BROOKLYN, NEW YORK. We understand that selecting a funeral home can be difficult, especially while bereaved. We offer simple elegant funeral services at realistic, affordable prices. We embrace each of our clients’ individual needs, and we strive to make the funeral process as comfortable as possible. We’re a team of professionals, and we approach each service with a full measure of respect and integrity.

We understand that you want a funeral home that fulfills your requirements of a pleasant location, professional staff, all with the realistic considerations of keeping the services affordable, and culturally appropriate. We hope to not only fulfill all your expectations but to surpass them.

We recognize that memorial services and funeral services are to celebrate a person’s life, to remember them, and the contributions they made to their family and their community. The services are also for the surviving family to have a chance to express their emotions, to share their memories and to go through cultural rituals that allow us some resolution, some closure. It can be a chance for the family to gather, to reflect on the passing of time and generations, and to reconnect with each other.

Cultural rituals are important to everyone and we respect them all. We are experts in Caribbean cultures and cater to the communities of people from Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados, Grenada, and the Dominican Republic.

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