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The first decision that needs to be made is about the disposition of the body. This term refers to how the physical remains of the body are handled. You can choose a traditional in-the-ground burial or cremation. If you choose a burial, you will soon see how the this is the option that costs the most.

There are two types of cremation. “Traditional” and direct. So-called traditional cremation is done after embalming, body preparation, and a viewing at a memorial service. Direct cremation is done without any body preparation, soon after death.

Direct Cremation gives you an affordable alternative to an expensive funeral with all the trimmings. Direct Cremation at Harmony Funeral Homes starts $559.00. A direct cremation is when the physical remains are cremated without being first embalmed and prepared for a public viewing. The body is cremated soon after death and the family is given the cremated remains thereafter.

A funeral can easily run you upward of $7000, with a large chunk of that going to the casket. Instead of sinking six months worth of house payments into something that has a single, temporary purpose, you can choose direct cremation. Direct Cremation is an affordable, equally honorable option. You can easily personalize the service to scatter the ashes to fit the person’s passions and interests.
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Finding a respectful, professional and affordable funeral home in Brooklyn, NY has become much simpler. Harmony Funeral Home recently announced their opening with a strong focus on all of these important factors, offering funeral and memorial services to all cultures and religious denominations.

Selecting a funeral home can often be quite difficult, especially considering the circumstances. While many options often exist finding one that delivers a combination of top level services with affordable prices is often a challenge. Fortunately, in Brooklyn, a new solution to this problem has presented itself. Harmony Funeral Home recently announced their opening and are premium level funeral and memorial services set at very affordable price points.

Harmony Funeral Home understands the need for compassion, empathy and understanding at a family’s time of loss. The funeral directors are available to discuss and provide guidance on what kind of funeral or memorial services could be most appropriate to suit a family’s needs and to help them celebrate the life of the person who passed away with meaning and sincerity.
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When you are making the difficult decisions about the funeral arrangements for someone you love, you have many choices to make about how to remember their life. With more and more people turning to direct cremation as an affordable, environmentally-friendly option, you may be wondering if that is the right option for you and whether that would the best way to honor your loved one.

One of the questions you may be asking yourself is whether you will still get to have a memorial service for the deceased if you go the route of cremation. The answer is yes! A memorial service is a wonderful and very appropriate way to gather with your family and friends to reflect on your loved one’s life.

Direct cremation is no longer something that people look down on but rather embrace as a familiar and useful service that takes up less space. However, these aren’t the only reasons why direct cremation has won its place as a standard practice in our culture.

If you bury your loved one, you will have to go to the burial plot to visit them, and that can be hard for most people to do. The cemetery may be located far away, and you lead a busy life. When you keep your loved one’s ashes in an urn, you’ll be able to keep them nearby, where you can go to that special room or cabinet or mantlepiece and grieve your loss. Plus, the urn is portable, allowing you to take it with you if you move, something that certainly can’t be said about a casket buried underground.
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Harmony Funeral Home in Brooklyn is committed to becoming an indispensable part of the community, and part of that means offering the most cost effective after death services. If you are the one dealing with the arrangements for a recently deceased loved one, or you are looking at pre-planning your own arrangements, you may or may not have heard the term direct cremation before. We will first explain what it is, and then talk about the benefits of direct cremation services.

A direct cremation is a dignified, compassionate, and inexpensive way to say goodbye to your loved one. It is the perfect alternative when you have overwhelming financial pressures that the death of a loved one can bring.

WHAT IS DIRECT CREMATION? The body of the deceased is cremated within a few days of death. The body is normally held at the funeral home and then transported to the crematory. No embalming or other funeral services are undertaken. The body is cremated in a simple container so no expensive casket is required. No memorial or graveside services. A memorial can be held with the remains of the loved one.  Organ donation is still possible with this choice prior to cremation.

When you choose a direct cremation as part of your pre-planning you are accomplishing several things. You are taking the emotional and financial burden off of your surviving family.
They won’t have to make the difficult decisions about how much to spend on funeral services. They won’t face the choice of what type of funeral services to use, cremation or burial. You know that your wishes will be respected.

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