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Commercial Water and Fire Damage
New York, NY

If your business has been damaged by flooding, fire, storms, or other similar disasters it is important to get everything repaired as quickly as possible. In many cases this type of event not only damages the business, but also means that you have to shut down until the restoration process can be completed. This can end up meaning massive financial losses due to direct loss of business as well as potential customers that will never come back because you were closed when they needed your services.

With this in mind it is critical to be able to have a team of restoration professionals out to your business as quickly as possible to begin the clean up process. In NYC and Manhattan, we the best water and fire damage repair team. We offer a variety of services to help ensure you can meet the needs of your customers as soon as possible.

You offer your customers the best services in the field in which your business operates, so it just makes sense that you would want to work with the best company when you need a water or fire repair job done. For those operating in NYC or Manhattan, our team of professionals will be able to give you the best service possible. There are many important things that help to set us apart from the competition. Take a moment to learn more about some of the most important areas where we stand above the rest, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us right away.

Quality is the most important thing to consider when working with a repair company. To help ensure you have complete confidence in the quality of the work we provide, all of what we do will be under warranty. If you find that something went wrong in the days or weeks after the repair was completed, just let us know and we’ll come right back out to fix it properly. We’re confident that we can handle any type of water or fire repair job you may need, and we are happy to guarantee the high-quality work we perform.
Embers Fireplaces and Outdoor Living
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Embers Fireplaces & Outdoor Living is a retail company based out of the Central Coast of California & Denver Colorado. We operate with a brick and mortar retail showroom as well as a strong online presence stocking products nationwide.

Embers Fireplaces and Outdoor Living
Water Damage Removal NYC
New York, NY


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In NYC and Manhattan there are lots of options for dealing with water damage in your home. Some people will want to try to address the issues on their own, others will turn to a general contractor, and still others will come to a company that specializes in water damage removal. For those who want the best, a water damage restoration company is going to be the obvious choice for many reasons. In this region, our team is the most experienced and is able to help you more quickly than would otherwise be possible.

Trying to cleanup food related damage on your own may be tempting, but it will likely result in a lot more issues in the long run. When you have a lot of water built up due to weather, broken pipes, overflowing toilets, sewage backup, and other problems it can be very difficult to get all the water out. It will seep under furniture, deep into carpets, into the wood of floors, behind walls, and much more. This makes it impossible to get out with just towels, or even with a wet-dry vac. Our team has industrial quality vacuum systems as well as dehumidifiers to ensure everything is completely dried out.

Another issue that often presents itself when people try to clean up after water damage is mold. The moisture in the area makes it easy for mold to grow and spread, which can be very dangerous to your health. If mold isn’t properly removed or prevented, it could be a problem you are dealing with for a long time.

Water damage in your home can be very difficult and costly to restore. If you live in NYC or Manhattan, we can come out to your location and remove all the water along with anything that was damaged, and begin the restoration process. We have been in business serving people throughout New York for more than 30 years now, which gives us the experience needed to handle any type of water damage you may be facing.