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Awaken LA Church
5853 Laurel Canyon Blvd a, Los Angeles, CA
Awaken LA is an uncompromising church who stands firm on the Word of God. Our focus is bring people into relationship with Jesus Christ and to disciple people with the knowledge of truth. We practice deliverance, healing, and walking out the giftings of the Holy Spirit. Our goal is to walk righteous lives before Christ and to spread the gospel everywhere we go.

LIVE VICTORIOUSSpiritual WarfareFirst step: You must forgive EVERY person that wronged you.(see. Matthew 6:15 & Mark 11:26)Unforgiveness is one of the biggest barriers to healing, deliverance and breakthrough. Ask the Jesus for His grace to help you forgive that person(s). Speak the name(s) out loud and bless them in Jesus name to break that barrier.Second step: Ask Jesus to forgive you of all your sins.(see. Matthew 1:15, Matthew 3:2, Matthew 4:17, Mark 1:15, Luke 5:32, Luke 15:7, Acts 2:38, Acts 3:19, Acts 8:22, Acts 17:30, James 4:8, 1 John 1:9, 2 Peter 3:9, Revelation 3:19)After you forgive anyone who has wronged you, humble yourself and confess your sins before Jesus Christ. He will forgive you from all your transgressions and will remember your sins NO more! Our daily walk with God consists of living in repentance (turning from sin and running to Jesus) and being right with Him (righteousness).Now speak this prayer out loud & have faithLife and death is in the power of the tongue.(see. Proverbs 18:21 & Hebrews 11:6)”I am a child of God. I speak in the authority of Jesus Christ who is my Lord and Savior. I plead the blood of Jesus Christ over my life, my family, my country and the Church of Jesus Christ. I ask you Father to loosen warrior angels around me and my family right now. I pray a wall of fire like in Zechariah 2:5 around me and my family in Jesus name! I break off all generational curses, all the way from Adam and Eve down to my generation and my future generation! In the name of Jesus, I renounce any power or practice of darkness off my life and my family!I break off any open demonic doorway, whether I opened consciously or unconsciously, I break it right now in the mighty name of Jesus! Any curse that was spoken over my life, my martial life, my finances, my career, my family, my ministry, my destiny and my future be broken right now by the Blood of Jesus! I break off all hex, vex, voodoo, demonic alters, incantations and curses off my life and my family right now in the mighty name of Jesus! However the devil has connected himself to me, I break off those connections and I disconnect myself from the enemy right now in Jesus mighty name! I break off the spirit of death and rejection off my life and my family in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!Let there be light in my body, in my organs, in my bones, in my muscles, in my fluid, in my cells and every part of my flesh be healed in Jesus name! Jesus, here I am! Deliver me! I break off all chains of darkness off my life. Jesus give me discernment to close every door that I’ve opened. Show me if there are any objects in my house that is an open doorway to the enemy in my life so that I will throw it away. I command Jezebel and Satan to leave my life right now in the mighty name of Jesus! I break off all witchcraft all my life, whether from yoga, crystals, Ouija board, new age, horror movies, demonic music, psychic or tarot card readings, controlling spirits and any other forms of witchcraft, I break it off my life in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! I command all deceptive spirits to be broken off my mind, my will and my emotions in the name of Jesus! Reveal to me Jesus your plans for my life and the purpose that You have predestined me with.I command all demons to leave me now in the name of Jesus! I dip arrows of the blood of Jesus into the enemy’s campground and I destroy their rankings and languages. Loosen warrior angels around me to put every demon into a cage, torment them with the blood of Jesus and read the Word of God to them day in and day out and send them back to the pit for them to NEVER to return in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! Any demon that is blocking salvation for my family and my friends, be broken in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! NO weapon formed against me shall prosper in Jesus name!Thank you Jesus for healing me, delivering me and setting me free. Renew my mind Lord Jesus everyday. Thank you Jesus for your breakthrough in my life. Let there be light in my family. Let there be light in my career. Let there be light in my martial life. Let there be light in my finances. Let there be light in my body. Let there be light in my future. In Jesus name! Let Your Will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”Amen.
(818) 761-6000