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5 Boro Company
158-01 Rockaway Blvd
Jamaica, NY


Those who need towing in or near Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan and the Bronx should give us a call. We know that batteries can die and people can run out of gas anywhere. That’s why we extend our towing and roadside assistance services to various places around New York City.

We have what you need if you need towing in NYC or roadside assistance. From Manhattan and Queens to Staten Island and Brooklyn, we are confident that we have your part of the city covered. If you are curious whether or not we go to your neighborhood, just give us a call or have a look at our service areas page.

If you need to get your motorcycle from its origin to a new destination, turn to our experts for help. We make sure to provide quality solutions at a low price. We will use a flatbed towing vehicle to get your motorcycle from point A to point B, whether that involves a neighborhood in the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island or elsewhere in the area. All you need to know is – you can count on us!

We treat each car and motorcycle we are asked to tow with respect, but we take extra caution when it comes to handling luxury vehicles. If your car is the type that could be displayed in a car show, or one that would be suitable in a showroom with glass walls, then you can count on our experts to safely secure it and handle it carefully while being towed. We have been known to tow vehicles like BMW, Jaguars, Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz, Audi and other popular names. Audi R8 V10 Plus? BMW i8? Bentley? Your car could easily cost as much as a house, but don’t worry because we know what we are doing.

When a car lockout happens, it can be quite scary. No matter how prepared you might be, meaning you have the number of someone you can call, it can still become very stressful. Should a child be stuck inside the car, you need to get them out immediately. We offer free lockout help when a kid is trapped in the car – but we urge you to ensure the situation is safe enough to wait a little bit for one of our experts to arrive. This would entail having a window open, or temperatures not being extreme, amongst other things. If you know it is okay to wait briefly, then give us a call for lockout help in NYC.

We act fast regardless of what the situation is. If your key is stuck in the car, or if it is missing, just give us a call because we offer affordable lockout help.

(347) 321-6990
ABS Towing
221 Washington St Unit #33
Mt Vernon NY

ABS Towing is your locally owned and operated towing company in Mount Vernon, New York.

ABS Towing is your locally owned and operated towing company in Mount Vernon, New York. With the team that we have, we’re able to meet all of your towing demands. We have invested in the necessary fleet of vehicles and tools so that we can effectively address the needs of every motorist who reaches out to us for assistance. Since we know how important our tow trucks are to our business, we have them routinely serviced to keep them in good working condition at all times.
Action Truck & Auto LLC
4164 State Highway 315,
Carthage, TX

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Action Truck & Auto LLC in Carthage TX can virtually take on any type of motor vehicle with multiple issues. Many of these issues may include brake repairs, full engine repairs, DOT inspections and then some! Like we’ve said our team of pros is committed to providing you with a quick assessment and then get to repairing your problem on the fly.
(903) 417-0708
All Equipment & Pressure Supply, LLC
1293 North CR 426, Unit 129
Oviedo, FL

We are a small engine repair shop specializing in hot & cold pressure washer repair. Owned and operated by mechanic Ryan Ihndris.

We are a small engine repair shop specializing in hot & cold pressure washer repair. Owned and operated by mechanic Ryan Ihndris. Ryan has 10 years experience in small engine and pressure washer repair. He is a master certified technician for Honda and Briggs & Stratton.

All Star Towing NYC
New York, NY

We are your number one source for towing services in NYC. Roadside assistance options such as lockout help and gas delivery come with a cheap price tag and friendly professionals.

We cover a plethora of major cities, like Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens and Brooklyn, and then numerous other neighborhoods – Upper West Side, Southeast Bronx, Central Bronx, Harlem, Clinton and Port Richmond are just some of the spots we travel to. Have a look at our “Service Areas” page to find out more or give us a call.

Many customers are fearful that when hiring a tow truck in NYC, they will get someone who is unprofessional or lacks caution. It is vital to be careful when loading a vehicle or bike onto a flatbed tow truck, because a misstep could cause a lot of physical damage, from scratched bumpers to broken mirrors and more. You don’t have to worry about these things with us, nor do you have to worry about your vehicle shifting during transport. We take the time to secure it prior to driving.

If you would like to find out more about All Star Towing Services, just dial our number. We offer free price quotes and all of the information that you need. Here, you will find professionals, cheap prices, flexible availability and everything else you want in a local business.
(347) 537-2770