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Artbarn 52 Framing Solutions
5261 Edina Industrial Boulevard, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Quality custom framing will outlast the carpeting and furniture in your home, as well as, all the cars, clothing, sound systems, televisions, and kitchen appliances you’ll ever purchase.

It can pass from generation to generation and still look as good as the day it was done”

I was instrumental in reestablishing the NCPPFA (North Central Professional Picture Framing Association), a continuing education professional trade association for the custom picture framing industry. As a board member, our association brings continuing education and vital resources for all custom picture frames, artists, and related trades. The PPFA is focused on standardizing trade practices, ongoing education, improving care and handling procedures for the custom picture framing industry.

Finally – and my favorite area – as a custom picture framing designer, I have entered several custom framing competitions and….won several 1st place, 2nd place, and popular choice awards!

So….all of this means…when you entrust your art – of any media style – to my company, Framing Solutions, you are hiring me with all the numerous creative, diverse, and complex experiences it takes to be a quality designer and complete picture framer!

My joy is to create a wonderful “framing experience”- without the hassle and headache! Together, we’ll collaborate and design, to create a masterpiece within your budget. My ultimate end goal is for you to leave so satisfied with the results you not only return, but you bring your friends and family with you! (And if you want to drop your project off and say “frame it” – I’ll do that too!)

Our Guarantee:

We provide quality craftsmanship, paying close attention to details. We have respect for all different media and styles of art. We also provide a transparent pricing model where we not only meet your expectations, but stride to exceed them! Our goal is your 100% complete satisfaction which is why we offer the following guarantees!

90 Day Guarantee:

If, for any reason, you are not loving your finished framed project, we will redesign your project (with similar priced options) at no charge. Want an upgrade? You’ll only pay the difference!

Lifetime guarantee on Craftsmanship and Materials

Our craftsmanship and materials carry a lifetime guarantee with an intact original Framing Solutions label on the project.

Fire, water damage, improper hanging supports, or other acts of good old ‘Mother Nature’ are not included in these guarantees. For assistance with these unfortunate events, please contact you insurance – and then call us – ARTFRAME DOCTOR for any needed repairs or restorations.

Framing Solutions Recycles!
Whenever possible Framing Solution reuses, recycles, or donates any framing material that we receive in the course of our daily tasks. From boxes, packing materials, glass and hardware to wood and metal scraps.

We support the arts!
If you have a non-profit community art center, or are a teacher, please contact us at 952-456-6477 to be added to our donations list for our excess mat cutouts, miscellaneous usable foam core scraps, and glass scrap. (Note: certain condition may apply for glass scraps.)

If you have a fundraising event for kids, or animal shelters, and could use a quantity of smaller frames (8×10 or smaller) we will work with you and provide small frames for the fundraiser using our excess in stock moldings.

Come check out our new design area!

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Address: 5261 Edina Industrial Blvd
Edina, MN 55439
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