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Cumming Tree Care
5450 Hopewell Manor Dr.
Cumming, GA

The Premier Tree Care Service in Cumming, GA says “Hey y’all!

The Premier Tree Care Service in Cumming, GA says “Hey y’all!” Cumming Tree Care isn’t your typical (read: mediocre, only do what it takes, over-priced, careless, wife-beater wearing-billy-bob, couldn’t-care-less-about-where-the-tree-falls) tree care company. Not even close, Nancy At Cumming Tree Care, we strive in providing our customers with the best possible customer service that money can buy. Tie in that with a professional looking staff and top of the line equipment, and you have yourself a winning combination. Our staff of trained professionals treats every situation different. Whether you need emergency service, annual pruning or shaping, stump removal, mulch or firewood, we are experts to call. Regardless of the severity of the situation, we will evaluate your needs and act accordingly. Let Cumming Tree Care be your next and final tree care company you ever use. Cumming Tree Care is YOUR tree care professionals in Cumming and all surrounding communities. Our certified in-house arborists have a proven track record of excellent service to all of our residents and local businesses. For years now, we have been providing Cumming, GA with a trusted name in the community for all tree care services. We truly invest our time and resources in creating a greener earth for all of us to enjoy. We are knowledgeable in how to save as many possible trees in our community. By following the ISA guidelines, we are one of the industries best tree care services in Cumming, GA. We keep abreast of all new technologies available to our industry as well as attend events that are teaching new techniques for our tree industry. Every technique we use is safe, up-to-date and all employees as well as your property is insured and bonded while on the job. Everyone on our tree crew has had years of experience and continues to get educated throughout the year with our company. Your safety and the safety of our employees are of top priority. We all follow a strict-guideline of protocol when operating any equipment and especially when our crew needs to climb onto your trees. Our office staff is professional and courteous from the first time they answer your call, up until the end of your particular project. Choose us at Cumming Tree Care when in need of any tree servicing. We will exceed your expectations when working with you and your properties. So when you are in need of the best tree care company in the area, look no further than Cumming Tree Care. We are sure not to disappoint.
Malama Tree Care
47-540 Ahuimanu Rd
Kaneohe, HI

Malama Tree Care consists of a crew of veteran tree care specialists based in Oahu who has worked on numerous tree care projects.

Malama Tree Care consists of a crew of veteran tree care specialists based in Oahu who has worked on numerous tree care projects. Our job is to bring the best of tree service at your doorstep, whether you are a local company or simply a homeowner who needs assistance with the trees on his or her property.
(808) 468-7414
Placerville Tree Service
3050 Good Shepard Lane
Placerville Tree Service

If you’ve been looking for a professional tree service in Placerville, our arborists will be there to help! From tree trimming to tree removal and everything in between, we’ve got your job handled.
Tree Service & Removal
22 Sunset Trail
Bronx, NY


For proper pruning, a thorough biological undertanding of trees and their structure is required. Many tree maintenance procedures are common but pruning is one of the most important. Wild trees growing in the forest can grow very well on their own but your trees are living in an urban landscape and here they need more attention to maintaining their natural beauty, shape and structural form. An improper pruning procedure can destroy the tree and ruin its life.
Pruning is a process of selectively removing dead or unhealthy branches, as well as those that cross or interfere with other branches, wires, structures, etc. This is the most important thing you can have done for your trees. Professional tree pruning enhances the natural beauty of your trees, improves the health and structure of your trees, and reduces the chance of storm or wind damage. For more information, call Tree Service & Removal for more details and a free consultation today.

Our tree professionals can grind stumps to 4” to 6” below grade using special grinding equipment. The resulting chips and surrounding soil are then backfilled into the remaining hole. Stump grinding is the most cost effective and easiest way to deal with stumps. Once a stump is ground it no longer harbors insects because the resulting wood mulch is not a preferable environment for their survival. Whether you are seeking to preserve the aesthetic value of your property or looking to prevent stumps from attracting pests, our tree specialists are well equipped to meet your stump grinding and removal needs. And remember if it’s residential or commercial service that you need… No job is too big or too small. Call or email us to setup a FREE estimate.

Tree service Minneapolis
1103 4th St SE #3, Northwest Richfield
At Tree Service Minneapolis, we have extensive knowledge and skills of diagnosing and solving shrub and tree problems unique to the twin cities; Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN.

When your trees, shrubs, and lawns have started becoming a headache, call 612-293-4161 any time, any day. At Tree Service Minneapolis, we mean business when it comes to attending to your trees, shrubs, and lawns. Our arborists have extensive knowledge and skills of diagnosing and solving shrub and tree problems unique to the twin cities; Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN. We give quality work and our dedicated and passionate team ensures that they enhance your property’s curb appeal.

We value good communication to keep you informed and ensure customer satisfaction. It is our task to give detail-oriented tree services that your exterior needs to look as beautiful as it can.

Our services include:

· Tree and bush trimming

· Emergency tree services

· Tree removal

· Tree diagnosis and treatment

We have our own traditional tools and heavy machinery at our disposal, which makes responding to your needs more convenient and 24/7 accessible. Our arborists are committed to offering customized services to our clients. We offer free estimates. At Tree Service Minneapolis, we value your trees and we value you. Take advantage of our prompt 24/7 service. We are just a phone call away.

Tree service Minneapolis